Your Host- Joe "Joey Beats" Olean

Your Analysts-

Dan "The Man" Vilpacchio 

Sued "The Baptist" Jn Baptist

Pat "Can't Say No" Grant 

Eric "The Bod" Hirschbein-Bodnar 


Heres the Rundown for The End Zone URI 11/14


La Business 12:30 - 12:35 

Pick a player, team, coach, or anything else sports related that got absolutely embarrassed in 

this previous week, that will be who you believe got… the business.


-NFL Reactions from Week 10 12:35 - 1:00

Lions @ Bears 

Panthers @ 49ers. 

Cowboys @ Saints

Dolphins @ Bucs 


-Coaches Challenge of NFL Up to Week 10 1:00 - 1:05 SPDE

Decide upon a play, event, ranking, or win/loss record that you believe is not a true 

representation of the player or team. For ex. A rookie player explodes for a massive game and 

you believe it is merely a lucky game; A team has a good record but you believe it is more due 

to opponents than their actual talent. 


-NFL Week 11 Picks 1:05-1:30

Redskins @ Eagles

Chargers @ Dolphins

Chiefs @ Broncos

Patriots @ Panthers


-Quick Pick 6 1:30 - 1:35

We will quickly run through all the remaining week 8 games and you will provide a winner and a 

score. Predictions will be recorded and kept track and we'll see who predicts the most games 

correctly as the year goes on.


The Celtics from 0-4, To Top of the Atlantic 1:35-1:45

LeBron and the Heats Early season struggles 1:45-1:50

Most Talented College Basketball Prospect 1:50-2:00


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